Upcoming events

  • April 15 - Monday 7pm
       Annual General Meeting with
  • April 20 - Saturday 6pm
       Church service at the hall
  • April 27 - Saturday - 11am - 3pm
        ‘Goods in the Woods’ Seed
         Exchange and Spring Market.
  • May 10 -12 - Friday - Sunday
         Archery Tournament rental
  • May 18 - Sat - 8am - 11am
       Pancake Breakfast. (first of the
  • May 20 - Monday 7pm
       RCA Meeting
  • Every Tuesday - 10am
        Rosswood Fellowship at Nora
        Thompsons house,  4464 Kalum
        Lake Road 


about our events


Pancake Breakfast and Eco Market

Farm fresh eggs, waffles made from scratch and Thornhill Meat Market sausages are just a few of the menu items to pick from to customize your own 'a la carte' pancake breakfast.

Browse the market for your next reusable, locally grown or upcycled

cool find while you wait!

Held Saturday mornings from mid May to mid August, 8am - 11am.

Cash only.


RCA Meetings

Meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of every month.

We want to benefit the people of Rosswood and encourage educational, recreational and cultural activities in the community. 

At the moment we are planning the new year with all its events.

We are in contact with Canada Post to possibly get community mailboxes for Rosswood. Plans are made to bring microwave internet service to the valley. We worked hard to get our kitchen upgraded and certified. And much administration is necessary to keep this place running.

As a member (Membership is only $5/year) you have voting privileges when decisions are made on community issues. You can nominate and elect officers and may run for office. A large membership has more influence on the regional district and the provincial government.


Goods in the Woods

Make it, bake it, grow it.

Local arts, crafts and baking.

In April we hold our seed exchange and spring market.
In early winter we have our Christmas market.

Cash only.


Rosswood Fellowship

 Every Tuesday morning a group of locals gather with an elder from The Rock church in the house of Nora Thompson, 4464 Kalum Lake Road    for Bible study and Christian fellowship. It is planned to meet in the hall once a month for a simple service with music.



Seasonally music enthusiasts meet in the hall for Karaoke. Organized by Ed and Maureen Boomhour. Dates tba.