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The Rosswood Community Hall and  Grounds are available for rent to Rosswood residents and the general public. The hall has about 2,000 square feet of usable space and a certified kitchen. The hall can legally accommodate up to 100 people. Our grounds include a sports field, a playground, picnic tables and lots of room around the hall.

Our facilities have been used for jamborees, weddings, funerals, 'Family Fun Days', public and private holiday events, potluck dinners, kids crafts activities, coffee houses, archerey turnaments, garage sales and pancake breakfast on Saturdays all summer long. 

There is a simple campground on site. Visitors are welcome to stay for $5 per night. No booking needed. Fees can be paid at the General Store, a short walk north from the campground.


RENTAL FEES for Rosswood Community Facilities:

· May 1 to September 1: 

  • Hall Rental including kitchen: $500 per day
  • Kitchen only: $50 per day (not available on Saturday mornings)
  • Grounds only: $250 per day (parking lot area in front of the hall has to be free on Saturday morning 7am – 11.30am for visitors to the pancake breakfast)
  • Hall and Grounds: $700 per day

RCA Member discount (50%) only available for 'grounds only' and 'kitchen only' rentals in summer.

· September 1 to May 1:

  • Hall and Grounds, including kitchen and heat: $250 per day
  • Kitchen only: $50 per day

RCA Member discount (50%) available on all rentals.

All rentals requests will be reviewed and must be approved by the Rosswood Community Association Board (RCA). The RCA reserves the right to refuse rentals and make changes to rental rates at its discretion. Consideration will be given to all rental requests. 

All rentals subject to a minimum $500 deposit, kitchen only rentals deposit $200.

All renters must fill out the Rental Request Form and, upon approval of the proposed rental by the RCA Board, agree to and sign the RCA Rental Contract and Agreement.

For more information, or to request a booking, please email us.