About Our Valley

Local knowledge has it that Rosswood was named after Annie Ross, a pioneer woman that came to this area in 1909. She  located and applied for a pre-emption where Wesach Creek runs into Kalum  Lake. She received her pre-emption in 1911 and in 1912 became  Postmistress of the sub-post office that was named Rosswood. She was  one of many people, mostly single men, who applied for land in the  valley in the years before WW I. By the end of WW I the population of the new community had dwindled, the post office was closed, and since  then there has been no postal service here.
The 1920s and early 30s were the era of prospecting and  placer mining in Rosswood, with the most successful locations being on Maroon Mountain and along Douglas Creek. In those years the Rosswood townsite  was located at the north end of Kalum Lake.
With WW II came a demand for cedar poles and lumber,  giving employment to local residents as well as to the trickle of newcomers into the area.

After the War logging increased, bringing young families into Rosswood. In 1957 a one room school was built and classes started  that September with 13 students in six grades. After six years the  school closed down and Rosswood’s children have since been bussed into Terrace schools.
In the early days, transportation to Rosswood was by a trail, later by a wagon road to Kalum Lake, then by trail around the  Lake or by boat in the summer and over the ice in the winter. In 1954, an access road from the West Kalum logging road was built into Rosswood.  In 1971, a logging road was completed up the east side of Kalum Lake.  Since both roads were built by logging companies, private vehicles  traveled on them at their own risk. Several years later, the Highways  Department took over the road on the East side, finally paving it in  1984.
Today, a growing number of people from  all walks of life choose to relocate to Rosswood to enjoy peace,  tranquility and the natural beauty of the valley.
Louise Parmenter, November 2007


Rosswood Community Association

 The Rosswood Community Association (RCA) was formed in the early eighties  and its members immediately set to work to acquire land for a community  center. Since then, the Community Association has built a log community  hall (started in 1987 and completed in a few years), playgrounds, sports  field, picnic shelter and campground. In January of 1997 the Community Association started campaigning for  hydro power for Rosswood. Almost three years later, during the last week  of November, 1999, Rosswood was connected to the BC Hydro grid. The Community Association then turned its attention to B.C. Telephone  with its promised service. In late November of 2001 phone service was  finally connected throughout Rosswood. 


The Thanksgiving Storm

On October 10, 2010, Thanksgiving weekend, a huge storm swept over our valley, taking out all power and phone lines, blocking the highway, locking people in their driveways, crushing cars and workshops and destroying big sections of forests. Our campground and many hiking trails have been obliterated. It was a miracle that nobody got injured or killed and houses only suffered minor damage.

The clean up is ongoing, even today. The storm has changed the face of Rosswood forever.